Transparency is essential to fostering mutual trust. It's also who we are. So pretty please, read all the stuff below so you know where you stand. If there is anything you want to clarify, please do!!

There is always fine print, so please read it before you invest!

Mutual Funds invest in markets like debt, equity, gold and others. Therefore, like any market, your investments will be subject to market risk.

We don't work free — we earn from commissions paid to us by the manufacturers of financial products. These commissions change from month to month and quarter to quarter. Every time you invest, we include the the percentage range in the email. Please feel free to ask us the amount of commission we earn on individual products.

Reports that we generate are based on data received from the registrars. There maybe errors outside our control despite every attempt to check and double check.

If there are products which you request that we feel are inappropriate we may not agree to process the investments or require you to sign off saying you are doing it of your own volition.