About Us - Spice it up!

Psychologist Paul Rozin suggests that, just like riding a roller-coaster, eating chillies is an example of "constrained risk" — a situation in which extreme sensations like pain and fear can be enjoyed because individuals know that they are not actually harmful. So get to know a lil' more about us chillies!

We've grown organically from a one member team to a sharp lot of 5. Each of us adds our own unique spice with our skills and qualities — Ms. Meticulous, or otherwise known as Vaishali Pavashe, she is able to spot errors which the rest of us cannot. Ms. Analytical – Nisha Patel loves her Excel sheets and solving problems, especially tax related. Ms. Persistent – Kavita Kapse – she has what it takes to politely chase anyone – from service providers to clients. Mr. Braveheart – Rahul Kudale — ventures out on our Mumbai locals to get to you – our clients. Lastly of course, the Ms. Mirchi herself – Sujata Kabraji.

With an MBA from SIBM, in her first 3 years at Times of India, Sujata was the engine behind what is now the Pune Times. The success of Pune Times led to the Bombay Times and other such inserts, broadening the Group's local advertising base and significantly enhancing revenues.

In a total shift, she moved into stockbroking — one of the very few women on Dalal Street. From licking transfer stamps to director, the firm grew from 3 to 40 people and ranked in the top 25 BSE firms with their innovative products.

Couple of years in the UK studying transactional anlaysis and counselling, as well as an independent consultant doing projects with British Telecom, EMDA and Magic Bus gave her different insights especially from the behavioural finance point of view.

A boutique service, she and her spirited team follow a simple, straightforward approach which aims to empower via simplicity. The team is passionate about simplifying finance.